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Club Statement: Maidstone United

A racial abuse incident took place at Hemel-Hempstead-Town-Football club after the final whistle today.

Hemel Hempstead Town football club wants it to be known this type of behaviour will NOT be tolerated at our club.

The person in question has been identified and barred from our club for life and further more we will attempt to get this person barred from every football club in the country.

Unfortunately, the behaviour of some off the Maidstone fans was unacceptable and spoiled a really nice afternoon except for the result.

We will stand strong against racial abuse every time and Hemel-Hempstead-Town-Football club apologises to the player concerned and be assured we will endeavour to wipe this type of behaviour from the face of the earth.


Overall had a really nice time sorry for the reaction of some we genrally have a great fan base who are very well behaved everywhere we travel to i had the plesure of making some good friends at the game and really hope you can make the playoffs still and would definetley come and visit in the future the facilities were quite good friendly staff at turnstiles only thing i was disapointed with was 1 of the stewards who made some very sexual refrences towards female supporters witch is not really called for as in the job its supose to be proffessional but apart from that 9/10 rating from me and wish every1 at hemel all the best for the…


Great day good result for us , met some of your fans good lads , except for the few that were racist, sorry about the way we reacted, good luck for the future Maidstone fan shaky

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