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Club Statement | FA Cup Replays

Following Thursday’s announcement regarding the removal of replays from the Emirates FA Cup, and the subsequent update from the FA, we believe it’s essential to communicate Hemel Hempstead Town’s perspective on this matter to our fans and the broader football community.

Our primary sentiment is one of disappointment, particularly regarding how decisions affecting the majority can be influenced by a minority at the top of English football. We express our dismay at the proposed abolition of replays, a longstanding tradition within our cherished competition.

It’s disheartening that such a significant decision has been made with minimal consultation with clubs across different tiers. We firmly believe that had there been adequate consultation, there would have been widespread opposition, barring a few elite clubs that stand to gain from this change.

While Friday’s FA statement suggests consultations have occurred, Hemel Hempstead Town has not been part of these discussions, nor has the wider football community, as per their recent statement.

As stewards of football in England, the FA have a responsibility to represent not just the Premier League and professional leagues, but teams across the footballing spectrum. One of the aspects we value most about the FA Cup is the opportunity it provides for teams at all levels to interact, with replays enhancing the excitement of these encounters.

We stand in solidarity with supporters and fellow football clubs on this issue. We believe this decision is not only misguided but has been made without the necessary consultation and consideration that should be a fundamental prerequisite in such matters.


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