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TVL Over 65’s League Runners Up (March-June 2022)

Overhauling the 5-point lead Watford had going into this set of matches was always going to be a tall order, they just don’t lose many matches, except to us of course – we have played them 4 times in this competition and have beaten them twice and drawn with them twice (In fact they only lost 3 times out of 24 matches). The task was not made any easier with Alastair Greene away on holiday and Steve Manly injured on Sunday.

In the end what cost us was not being able to turn draws into wins. Once again we proved very difficult to beat and only conceded 1 goal over 6 matches however 4 x 0-0 draws, a 1-1 Draw (Bernie Biggerstaff) and a 2-0 win (Mick Woods, Bernie Biggerstaff) simply was not enough.

On a positive note, over the 4-month period we played 24 matches, only losing 4 , our problem was not being able to turn draws into wins (Won 10 Drew 10). We only conceded 10 goals in 24 matches and 5 of those were in 2 games. We kept 17 clean sheets. But at the end of the day that was not good enough. We won 10 matches whereas Watford won 15 and were in the end worthy winners.

My congratulations to all 11 players that played during this series of matches, what is for sure is that every player gave their all and at the end of the day that is all any manager can ask for.

Runners Up in our 1st season in an over 65 league is not to be sniffed at.


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