COVID-19 Protocols

To support the safe return of fans, it's important that we all are aware of the clubs COVID protocols. Below is the guidance you need to know on how to safely watch football at Vauxhall Road  

To support the safe return of football to Vauxhall Road, we have produced our protocol which is now a public document. 

This policy includes the measures we are actively taking to mitigate the spread of coronavirus and has been introduced in response to the limited return to work of those involved in the First Team.


SUPPORTERS COVID CODE OF CONDUCT (July 21 Update) please click here

LEAGUE UPDATE: 18th September 2020 please click here


Matches will be all ticket and must be purchased in advance from our ticket office 

Covid-19 Measures In Place For Safe Return of Fans


Spectator Entry from 1:30 PM

  1. Social Distancing of 1mtr+ is in place within the stadium (see point 3), except for queuing at toilets and concessions where the floor markers will be spaced at 2mtr. 

  2. Masks must be worn at all times inside the stadium 

  3. Medically exempt non-mask wearers must provide proof of exemption and will be directed to the 2mtr socially distanced area within the stadium on the Vauxhall Road side of the ground. Stewards will direct you to this area once inside the stadium. To book one of these spaces please email 

  4. One-way direction of travel is clearly marked on the floor 

  5. Seating and standing positions are on a first come first served basis 

  6. Seating positions are marked with a green tick, a black cross – denotes do not sit on this seat 

  7. Standing positions are marked with a green dot – do not stand in the blank spaces 

  8. Spectators are asked to avoid leaving their viewing position during the game – keep movement to a minimum. Do not migrate at half time. 

  9. If you have to pass another spectator in a stand please turn your back as you pass 

  10. No alcohol to be on sale in the stadium until 5PM 



Mitigation Measures Taken in order to support the Social Distancing of 1mtr+ around the stadium – These measures are extremely important in order for the club to manage spectators inside the stadium, they must be adhered to! 


  • Wearing of masks whilst in the stadium – all the time 

  • One-way direction of travel 

  • Barriers 

  • When ‘brushing past’ another spectator, turn your back in seated areas 

  • Stewards will be there to advise and manage