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Support Spencer

After receiving the devastating news that his cancer has returned, Spencer is in need of your support as he looks to receive treatment outside of the UK.

After consulting with his team of specialists outside of the UK, they have created a plan that would give him a better outcome. The promising new treatment plan includes the innovative radiotherapy, Cyberknife and Immunotherapy in two German Clinics and Dendritic Cell Therapy in Spain. Spencer has been advised by his new medical team, that undertaking these new treatments in a particular order will enhance the success rate and increase his chance of battling his disease. Naturally, these specific treatments are extremely costly.

Spencer, his friends and family need our support. They are looking to raise £90,000 to give him the very best chance. Spencer is highly thought of around Vauxhall Road and his name is still sung from the stands.

Spencer's name being sung by the Tudor Army at the 'New Years Day Derby' V St Albans City

On launching the fundraising campaign, Spencer said, "This has undoubtably been a very tough and challenging period of my life over the last two years. Having done everything that has been thrown at me by my doctors I was looking forward to getting my life back on track! I couldn't wait to get back to playing football. My spirit remains high and I am not willing to lie down and accept defeat."

To donate to Spencer's campaign - click here


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