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SHIRT AUCTION : In support of Non-League Football vs Child Poverty

As you will have seen over the past 6 months Marcus Rashford has been imploring the Government to help feed thousands of children who are currently going hungry in this country. Many of the issues that have caused this are economic and so many families are struggling to pay for school meals as well as putting regular food on the table. The Government so far has refused to step in to help.

However, whatever your opinion on the situation or whoever you feel is to blame it doesn’t take from the fact that children are going hungry through no fault of their own.There is no better community than the non-league football community to get involved and help these vulnerable children and their families. Sadly so many children will be going without food over the festive period this year.

The Non-League Against Child Food Poverty campaign in conjunction with Vanarama and Feeding Britain has been set up by Woking FC player, Ben Gerring to help tackle this crisis in time for Christmas.

To support this, we are auctioning a signed Hemel Hempstead Town away shirt to help raise some much needed funds for the campaign. You can get your hands on this piece of memorabilia by placing a bid in our silent auction.

To place your bid complete the form below. The deadline for bids is Sunday 20th December with the lucky winner being revealed the following day.

If you don't wish to be part of the auction, you can donate as much or as little as you want by visiting


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