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Interview | Lee Bircham - Week 1

With the team having returned to pre-season training last week, we knew that a big part of Lee's philosophy was to ensure pre-season was as high intensity as possible, to ensure the players are at peak fitness come the start of the season.

Throughout the last week, the players have been worked hard in terms of their running/fitness testing as well as on the ball. One noticeable characteristic of Lee on the training pitch is that he never accepts second best. He notices every player, how much effort they are putting in and even the odd stray pass! He demands perfection and maximum effort. Alongside that, players are monitored through GPS data tracking vests which are analysed after each session.

Naturally, training has had to be adapted due to COVID-19. Fred has been given the role of Designated COVID Officer and is responsible for monitoring who is at each training session and ensuring that we have the relevant track and trace information. Kingy has had to work hard behind the scenes to ensure all equipment is clean and safe for players to use.

Ahead of Thursday's session, we caught up with Lee to get his thoughts on how the week has gone so far as well as to find out about the plans following the announcement that the new season will start at the beginning of October.

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