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Ground Improvements Update

An update on improvements being made around the ground this summer

Over the course of the last few weeks and thanks to your donations, we have been able to push on and continue to upgrade and spruce up various areas of the ground. Most days, an army of volunteers have picked up their paint brushes and painted various areas of the ground.

Improvements have included

  • Painting the garden benches outside the Tudor Taven

  • Painting of the pitch barrier walls

  • Re-painting the kerbs and steps to ensure maximum safety

  • Redecorating the clubhouse

We've also spent some time looking at other areas of the ground that can be upgraded too!

Fans will be pleased to know that we have upgraded our PA system and are currently working on installing new speakers in both stands behind each goal. This system will also allow us to put together a playlist each week to help create a really good match day atmosphere!

Work is underway in the press area to improve the facilities for our visitors. A new bench is being installed to ensure the area is comfortable and practical as possible for any visiting press.

A fresh coat of pain in the tunnel/changing room area

The perfect location to have a pre-match pint in the sun!

Mitch's fancy wall art on the side of the CRK windows stand!

We will continue to press on and improve our facilities to ensure they are as good as they can be for when football returns. If you would like to support us and donate anything to our fundraising campaign then you can do so by visiting


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