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Hemel Hempstead Town FC fully support this statement and do not condone discriminatory behaviour of any kind.

See below statement released by the Football Association and sent to all clubs in Premier League, EFL, National League, Women’s Super League & Women’s Championship Clubs and Step 2-4 Clubs. Following the prosecution by the Crown Prosecution Service for homophobic abuse

relating to the ‘Chelsea Rent Boy’ chant.

Following this development, The Football Association wishes to take this opportunity to remind Clubs that it is a breach of FA Rules for a Club’s supporters, or anyone purporting to be its supporters, to engage in discriminatory behaviour.

Given the outcome of the recent criminal prosecution, the Association now considers this specific chant to amount to a breach of FA Rules and reserve the right to pursue formal disciplinary action against any Club whose supporters engage in such behaviour going forward. We would also emphasise that these Rules apply to the conduct of supporters at both home and away fixtures.

We would also further remind Clubs that the due diligence defence is not available to a Club charged for its spectators engaging in discriminatory behaviour.

Clubs at all levels of English football have a responsibility to ensure their spectators conduct

themselves in an orderly fashion when attending matches and we thank you for your assistance in relation to this matter.


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