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COVID-19 Medical Officer Needed

To support the safe return of football, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) have issued documents to clubs, that outline the requirements around what is needed for football to return safely.

As you know, football clubs are the heartbeat of our communities. Ours is no different. As a club, we support many people be it physically through out football programmes, socially through our clubhouse, walking football, or first team games or developmentally through our 16-18 education programme. For so many, Hemel Hempstead Town FC means a great deal.

We are looking for a GMC registered medical professional or a retired GP/DR to support us on a voluntary basis as our COVID Medical Officer. This position has the following requirements;

• To be familiar with the club’s COVID operational plan.

• To liaise regularly with the COVID officer appointed by the club.

• To be aware of any risk assessments that have been performed on players and staff at the club and to follow up any staff who present a concern.

• If the club decides to undertake COVID antigen testing, to provide oversight of how this is to be performed and take responsibility for any results.

• To be aware of and support symptom and temperature screening at the club and to be involved in any subsequent advice regarding isolation, medical treatment and return to training and play.

• Players and staff returning to training after self-isolation due to symptoms, testing or contact tracing should only do so under the direction of the Medical Officer. The officer should be familiar with current guidance around this such as the Home Counties Institutes of Sport graduated return schedule. Returning staff should receive a check-up from the Medical Officer.

• To be aware and up to date with the changing knowledge of COVID19 and its effects.

• The officer will be responsible for the arranging and interpretation of any investigation of complications following a COVID19 infection and using the results to enable a return to training. This may include cardiorespiratory investigations according to published and annexed guidance.

This position will be perfect for a local GMC registered professional who would like to help support their community and essentially support the return of football to Vauxhall Road.

To express your interest in supporting us please email club secretary Dean Chance -


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