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How To Purchase & Watch

We recommend purchasing the stream at least 2-3 hours before the KO to ensure there are no delays in your viewing access.  


Click on the Buy Now option, login or create an account and follow the steps to purchase the stream.  If you are already logged in and the stream is Live, you will have access to view.  If not logged in, login with the same details you created your account with and your stream will be available to view. 


Please go to for further assistance.

Important info

Hemel Hempstead Town FC will not be held responsible for the broadcast quality, stability or continuity due to circumstances outside of it's direct, or reasonable control and refunds will not be offered for any related streaming issues.

We advise using Wifi or a wired internet connection along with either a laptop, computer or tablet for the best possible service/viewing experience For further guidance or information on our service, click here

Why is my stream buffering?

As a club, we will be using super fast broadband through BT Business to ensure our connection is as stable as possible. To ensure there is no disruption on the line, the only device connected to this line will be our streaming service. Prior to any game we stream, we test our software and connection with InPlayer to ensure the stream is live and our connection is strong

To ensure your viewing experience ​is not interrupted, a minimum download speed of +5Mbps or higher is required although we recommend 25Mbps or higher as you may still experience some buffering at speeds lower than 10Mbps.  If you are having issues, go to, click Test my Internet and select Download.  If you download speed is 10Mbps or less, you will need to acquire a higher speed internet connection to ensure your viewing experience is as good as possible.


ARE YOU Having issues?

For support, contact

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