Sun 26
U15 Blue 2016/17
Harpenden Hawks


By Bob Lovatt

A weakened side on this Sunny Sunday Mothers Day see us thrashed by a confident Hawks side who showed us respect with our selection problems. ( Inset ) Another corner comes to nothing as the Blues have a good 15 minute spell against the title winners.

With the clocks going forward an hour, it's times like this I wish my headline had come true.
A big thankyou to my eleven players who turned up today in our final game of the season against the title holders HARPENDEN HAWKS.

When I woke up this morning I only had one thought on my mind and that was the defeat of our friends from Harpenden.
It was only as I was walking my dog that the texts started arriving. Sorry Bob ?????? Sorry Bob ??????? Sorry Bob ??????
With a squad of seventeen I was reduced to the bare eleven. I quickly rang Darren to give him the bad news.
I walked back from the woods with thoughts going through my mind of a thrashing or a display that our boy's would never forget.

Our last game of the season was turning into a farce. The league winners coming to us on the final game. The team we drew 3-3 at the beginning of the season had up until our game scored 5 more goals than us. But the truth also is that they had conceded over 20 goals less. Tells a story doesn't it. ?

I really have to mention our warriors today
I would have liked to have dedicated this match to EREN, but the result wouldn't have cheered him up at all. So all I can do is send him all our love and best wishes. That comes from everyone involved in the Blues team and everyone involved in HEMEL TOWN FOOTBALL CLUB. From all the parents and their families. Our thoughts are with you every day. We all wish you a speedy recovery and the best of health to you and your these troubled times.
I have a club meeting tomorrow at the Greenacres where I will bring this up. I will do my upmost to ensure this player and his family get every piece of help this club has to offer. It brings me to tears knowing this talent is not on the pitch playing football with his mates.
Back to today's game
A goal down within a minute set the trend for what was to follow.
Goals from MITCH and OHEN'E gave us some smiles, but on the day this was all about HARPENDEN HAWKS winning the league.
We were second best. Not the players on the pitch fault, but maybe the commitment of others.
Who knows what would have happened if we had played them earlier in the season. With no EREN-SHARKIST-RYAN-PEACE-ALI-UMAH alike we would undoubtedly won this league. That's a fact !

On a brighter note, you have all come on so much. I hope iv'e helped you all.
not a lot more I can say. What I have to say can wait till our presentation night.

Thanks Boy's. Thanks Darren. And thanks Penny.
Finished 3rd with all this happening. Not bad eah.


Bob ( daley male )

Come on.

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Sun 26, Mar 2017



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