Sun 09
U9 White 2016/17
Garston Boys
R Hunt (1'), C Mackay (5'), J Goulding (8'), D Stimpson (12'), (19'), (22'), B Hollick (28')
Rifle shot Rocco!

Rifle shot Rocco!

By james stimpson


It was a very hot day to be running around, but the Whites applied good pressure from the first kick of the ball. Rocco won a free kick in the first few minutes, then he rifled the shot past the keeper, he had no chance to stop it.

Varun made a great run from defence, taking on players down the left side and whipped a sweet cross into Calllum, who knocked it home for the whites with only 6 mins gone.
Blake kept the pressure going with a good run and shot but into the side netting. More pressing by the team from the goal kick out, Dara wins the ball in midfield, a quick look up and tries a hard shot over the keeper which is saved.
Garston now fight back and win a throw in, number 9 runs in to meet it, shoots and scores.

The Whites reply with a great team passing move from deep in defence from Theo to Rocco to Dara and onto Jack who skilfully scores.
Jack wins the ball again in midfield, a pass to Rocco who crosses it to Dara, the shot is saved by the keeper.
Garston have the momentum now and after a good passing move, they fire off a shot which Ronnie skilfully saves.

After a pass from Theo, Rocco showed some nice skill winding through the midfield and passing to Blake, great pass to Dara who scores. The Whites apply more pressure as soon as play resumes and Dara scores again. Good solid defending by Theo and great midfield play by Rocco showing quick feet and style.
Just before half time, nice passing play between Theo, Callum, Jack and Blake, who fired off a good shot.

Half time
In the second half, the Whites showed some great team play and passing. Jack makes a shot just wide of post but it had the keeper beat. Garston win a corner and Ronnie pulls off a brilliant save.
Good team play between Rocco, Blake, Jack and Dara led to goal number six. Both Jack and Blake get more shots in and test the keeper. Varun makes another fine run from deep, taking on the field and delivering the ball to Jack who finds Blake in good space, another cracking shot to score.
Garston apply good pressure from the kick off and they score.
The game ends.

The managers and Parents vote for Man of the Match….
This week goes to Rocco for his fine free kick and midfield skills,
Well done !

As it’s the last game of the season the parents would like to thank Managers Luke and Lee for all their hard work and commitment over the season. We have all seen our boys flourish and play with a team spirit under your command, Thank You!

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Sun 09, Apr 2017