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Weymouth 0 - 0 Hemel Town

I’m on my jollies this week so here is a summing up from Tudors fan Steve Rundle. Allan Mitchell.

They say that some 0-0 draws are amongst some of the most entertaining games, creating numerous scoring opportunities, fantastic goalkeeping and edge of your seat tension. This wasn't one of them. This was two sides in the bottom three and it wasn't that difficult to tell. A truly awful game.

Hemel were reduced to ten men after 16 minutes for a late tackle, but the expected onslaught from Weymouth didn't seem to happen, as they were as bad as we were. A fun afternoon was had though with a great turn out from Hemel. And let's hope we can get a win - or a goal - at home to Cheshunt next week. Tudors!

It was a fantastic crowd, The Tudor Army was in great spirits and singing all our favourite classic tunes.

Watch out for that shark!!!

Photography by Stephen Fletcher.


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