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Training Camp Success

Last Friday and Saturday, the team embarked on an exciting pre-season training camp in the picturesque town of Eastbourne. Led by manager, Brad Quinton and his team, the weekend was packed with intense training sessions, team bonding activities, and moments of relaxation.

On our arrival in Eastbourne on Friday afternoon, we wasted no time and got straight into action. The training session was led by Brad himself, along with the guidance of his first team coaches. It was evident from the start that the coaching staff had prepared meticulously for this camp, as the drills were demanding and were done at a high intensity.

After the training session, we headed to our hotel to freshen up before coming together for a delightful staff and players' meal. The atmosphere was vibrant, and we were delighted to be joined by our Chairman, Dave Boggins too. It was an excellent opportunity to bond as a team & enjoy each other's company off the pitch.

Saturday morning brought another dose of Brad's infamous hill runs across the Eastbourne seafront, testing the players physical stamina and mental fortitude. As they sprinted along the seafront, we had the chance to interact with the locals, who stopped to chat with us about our aspirations for the upcoming season but mostly to find out who we were and what we were doing! To unwind after the rigorous morning session, we took a refreshing dip in the sea, navigating through the choppy waters.

Although....the morning session wasn't quite complete. As the players were drying off, Brad announced... "Time for your last run!" Off they went on more runs, this time laps off the beach with each player supporting their team mate in front of them to get through the challenge.

During our downtime in the afternoon, some of us took a midday snooze to recharge. Once the players had recovered, everyone engaged in a fun quiz organised by the Head of Media, Dan Finill. The competition was fierce, but in the end, it was Craig King's team who emerged victorious, claiming the prestigious quiz champions' crown.

Following a quick bite to eat, the players had a team bonding evening filled with pool games, while the staff enjoyed a delightful Italian meal of their own. The night concluded with both groups coming together to dance and celebrate. It was a wonderful way to cap off a successful weekend of training and team building.

As we reflected on the two days spent in Eastbourne, we felt a sense of accomplishment and unity. The rigorous training, combined with the enjoyable team activities, brought us closer together as a team. The bonds and the stories formed during this training camp will be crucial in the season ahead, as we aim to achieve our goals and make our mark in the league.

We left Eastbourne with a shared sense of purpose and a strong belief in our abilities as a team. The journey ahead promised to be exciting, and we were eager to make it a successful one together.


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