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General Manager Appointed

We are pleased to announce that as of 1st July 2024, Dan Finill will transition into the newly created, full time role of General Manager within the club.

Dan will collaborate closely with our existing staff and management team to spearhead off-field initiatives and introduce new structures to ensure the club can be successful on and off the pitch. 

Dan's knowledge of the club, its personnel, and his enhancement of our media made him the ideal candidate to advance our off-field ambitions. With a background in public sector management, Dan brings valuable experience in team and project management, as well as expertise in developing and implementing systems to improve efficiency and foster growth.

"I'm really excited to contribute to the club's future development. This opportunity came out of the blue, but I knew it was something I couldn't pass up. We've acknowledged our recent shortcomings and the Chairman creating this role is part of remedying those. After engaging with various people in the club over the past week or so, I'm enthusiastic about the off-field work we can do to enhance our club structures and support our ambitions."

Dan's role will involve bringing together different sections of the club, including the first team, academy, and youth programs, to foster a unified 'one club' mentality. This will entail building strong community links, engaging with fans, schools, and local leaders, developing new sponsorship opportunities, and enhancing the matchday experience for our supporters.

"I understand that this is a big challenge, but I'm genuinely excited about what can be achieved. My main priority is to bring people together to work towards our goals that supports building a club and team that we can all take pride in. It won't happen overnight, but drawing from my skill and experience outside of football mixed with the knowledge and experience I already have at the club, I am confident that we can start moving towards a shared vision across the whole club.”

Dan's appointment demonstrates our commitment to progress our club off the field. We look forward to the positive impact the newly created position will have on the club. 


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